Enjoy NYE

What To Wear & Bring

Expect cold temperatures with the possibility of rainfall. We highly recommend that revellers dress in layers and consider wearing a warm rainproof jacket in lieu of umbrellas. Umbrellas can be a safety hazard in large crowds and impedes the views of the fireworks for other revellers.

If you are planning to enjoy the fireworks from the premium fireworks viewing zones, please ensure you bring your tickets with you.

A portable radio device is also recommended for an optimal midnight countdown fireworks experience. 102.7 The PEAK and 93.7 JRfm will provide a live broadcast for both the countdown and the fireworks soundtrack simulcast.

Celebrate Responsibly

Don't start 2018 off on a bad note: Concord's New Year's Eve Vancouver is an alcohol-free event. Consumption of alcohol outside of licensed venues is prohibited by law.

Remember that it is never okay to drink and drive; please keep yourself and others safe by avoiding drinking and driving. If required, consider taking a taxi or public transit, which is free of charge on New Year's Eve.

First Aid assistance will be available at the First Aid tent at the Vancouver Convention Centre East Plaza.


Transport Canada's Office of Boating Safety is asking boaters to take extra care during Concord's New Year's Eve Vancouver.

All boaters watching the fireworks need to position themselves outside the perimeter marked by marine buoys. Marine buoys mark the safe perimeter only and are not to be used as mooring points.

If you are not thoroughly familiar with operating your boat at night please consider watching the display from land instead.

Please ensure you have all the required safety gear on board, your boating license, that your vessel and its lights are in good working order, and that you are aware of the laws pertaining to alcohol and boating. Police will be on the water to enforce the laws relating to boating safety and alcohol, but boaters are encouraged to do their part. By observing a few simple safety rules, boaters can contribute to a safe, incident-free event.

Safe Boating Reminders:

  1. Proper Navigation Lights – you will be leaving after dark. Make sure you can be seen!
  2. Enough Fuel – You don't want your trip home to be cut short.
  3. Be aware of hazards: tides, current, other vessels and shallows.
  4. Maintain a safe lookout at all times
  5. Canoes, kayaks and other non-powered vessels should stay close to the shore to avoid interfering with the navigation of larger vessels.
  6. Slowdown in the confined and congested areas around the fireworks barge and when entering Coal Harbour. Remember to watch your wake and be considerate of other boaters. During the show, remain outside the buoyed safety zone around the fireworks barge. This perimeter is for the safety of boaters before, during and after the fireworks show.

First Narrows (Lions Gate Bridge) Precautions:

  1. Watch for transiting deep sea vessels and tugs towing barges
  2. First Narrows has strong currents and is a narrow channel
  3. Do not cross the channel
  4. Keep to the right – inbound on the south side, outbound on the north side
  5. No loitering. Proceed through and clear the way for others
  6. Make note of Emergency Contact numbers: VPD Marine – Emergency 911, *16 on cell phones, VHF Channel 12 (vessel traffic) or VHF Channel 16 (emergency)

For more information, contact:
Transport Canada – Office of Boating Safety
604.666.2681 / 1.800.267.6687


Dogs and cats often become scared during fireworks displays and thunderstorms due to their sensitive hearing. To mitigate the risk of domestic pets becoming agitated, here are some tips:

  1. Do not bring your pets to the fireworks display
  2. Keep your pets indoors and ensure all exits, such as doors and windows, are closed
  3. Ensure your pet is registered and microchipped in case they escape
  4. Close your blinds and curtains
  5. Turn on your lights so that flashes from the fireworks do not come as a surprise to pets
  6. Distract the pet with food, activities and music; turn on a television or audio system to drown out the noise of the fireworks
  7. Exercise and feed the dog prior to the fireworks