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Team NYE

The Vancouver New Year’s Eve Celebration Society is a registered not-for-profit community initiative with a mandate to plan, organize, finance and stage an annual accessible, public New Year’s Eve celebration in the City of Vancouver.

Society Board of Directors

The Vancouver New Year’s Eve Celebration Society’s Board of Directors consists of members from:

  1. Chair, Dani Pretto - Vanterre Projects Corp.
  2. Kenneth Chan - Daily Hive
  3. Luca Citton - Boughton Law Corporation
  4. John Keserich - BDO Canada
  5. Brenda Longland - Tourism Vancouver
  6. Heather McKenzie-Beck - Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association
  7. Laurie Purdon – Vancouver Airport Authority
  8. Diane Shakeshaft - Starbucks Coffee
  9. Karm Sumal - Daily Hive